Shisha Smoking - Oral teeth


Shisha or water pipe smoking is a well-rooted custom in the culture of Arab world dating back at least 400 years. Going for a Thursday or Friday shisha night is one of the most popular social thing in the Middle East. A study held in two large universities of the United States shows that shisha smokers are mostly male with age between 15-25 years.

Markets promote shisha as less hazardous than smoking regular cigarettes because it is filtered through water and regrettably majority of smoker population switch to shisha smoking for the similar belief. Research however has proven otherwise and the team at ConfiDent Dental Clinic is alerting of the following impact on health:

  • Oral Cavity

It is reported that shisha smokers harbor higher level of subgingival bacteria, higher risk of periodontal disease that results in teeth loss and malignant oral mucosa lesion, induce DNA damage the oral cavity tissue cells. Such cases require deep cleanings and stains removal procedures.

  • Lungs

A shisha smoker inhales up to 200 times more smoke in single session as compared to cigarette smokers. A higher concentration of metals is inhaled at a 900 degree Celsius shisha temperature compare to 450 degree Celsius for cigarette. Apart from the metals, lots of other toxins are inhaled such as carbon monoxide, aldehydes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

  • Heart

Shisha causes stiffening of arteries that results in hypertension, which raises the risk of heart attacks, stroke and other cardiovascular disorders.

  • Pregnancy

Babies born to women who smoked water pipes every day while pregnant weigh less at birth (at least 3½ ounces less) than babies born to nonsmokers. Passive smoking also is considered to have harmful effects on pregnant women.

Share this article with your friends and if you are looking to socialize on Friday evening, be aware and make the right choice when it comes to shisha smoking.



Does shisha have less nicotine that cigarette?

NO! Peak concentration of nicotine in cigarette and shisha are the same.

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