pregnancy and type of X-rays

Pregnancy and Type of X-Rays

Taking any type of X-ray during pregnancy is a big taboo in contemporary society!

But is it true and correct to discharge a diagnostic tool in favor of “rumors”, especially in life threatening situations?

According to American Academy of Family during dental roentgen procedures, only teeth and hard tissues around them are exposed. Any x-ray procedure has to be accompanied by the protection equipment. The dentist or hygienist must cover you with a lead apron. The abdominal and neck lead apron are designed to protect you and your future baby. For future moms is important to remember that radiation is part of our daily life, called “natural background radiation “: we get a dose of cosmic radiation when we fly in aircraft, terrestrial radiation when we walk, even bananas are radioactive! 

A dental X-ray exposure is equivalent with cosmic radiation obtained during a 40min flight (for example Dubai-Doha, Zurich-Geneva flight).

Abdominal X-rays (stomach, kidneys, lower back, torso), CT scan (head or chest) are a different story. They may cause adverse effects to the embryo development, because that involves future mom and future baby radiation exposure. These X-rays should be taken only when the benefits outweigh the risks. 

To make sure you don’t end up in the dental chair with dental issues, future moms have to keep a good oral hygiene before and while being pregnant. A healthy mom is a healthy baby! 


Dr. Irina Bratu

General Dentist

Dr Irina qualified as a Dentist in Republic of Moldova at State University of Medicine “Nicolae Testemitanu”.She completed her extensive three years postgraduate program on Dental Therapy & one year advanced educational program on Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation at New York University College of Dentistry (USA). She is a member of Emirates Medical Association EMA, has a passion for the prevention of oral disease, and works to promote a healthy lifestyle for all of her patients.

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