Before we go into the damaging effects of soda drinks’ let’s bring up some interesting history. Perhaps the most significant innovation in the industry of soda flavoring came in 1886, when J.S.Pemberton , using a combination of kola nut from Africa and cocaine from South America created the iconic taste of Coca-Cola. The cocaine was removed from formula at a later stage. This expanding industry with mass production was not considered and regarded a health concern until 1994 when the first studies of correlation between soda drinks and weight gain were reported. Over the years new evidence proved impact of soda drinks on our bodies: diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, teeth decay.

ConfiDent Team is sharing with us the effects of the frizzy drinks particularly on oral cavity:

  • enamel erosion,
  • enamel demineralization,
  • teeth decay.

The acidic pH of soda dissolves the enamel little by little, exposing the dentine, the layer underneath enamel. The main acids are phosphoric and citric acids. Except acidity, it contains lots of sugar and artificial sweeteners, and we all know what sugar does to human body. Our teeth are covered with a thin sticky layer of bacteria called plaque. When sugar comes in contact with it, bacteria produce more acids as byproducts.  

Do not be tricked with Diet soda drinks, the acidity in them will still have a damaging effect on your teeth. Check below the drinks’ acidity chart:

It is proven that after 60 min you consumed a can of Coca –Cola, the minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium that was head to your bones will actually evacuate the body because frizzy drinks work as diuretics.

Not everyone will quite soda drinks after seeing this chart. Being aware and reducing frizzy drinks intake will also make a difference. If you cannot resist temptation of having a soda drink ones in a while remember to rinse your mouth with simple water immediately after. Also you can brush your teeth after 30 min of soda intake.

Some advices from Dr. Nicolle Ranzan to consider:

  • Never drink soda before sleep or in the middle of the night
  • Do not sip soda slowly or over long periods of time as your teeth are exposed to numerous acidic and soda attacks
  • If you are thirsty, drink water instead. It is number one choice for hydration!
  • Do not skip regular checkups and cleanings to remove plaque and bacteria form your teeth.
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