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Esthetic Gum Depigmentation known as “ Gum Bleaching”

Our gum tissue is normally pink. Some of us are born with darker gums that is an excess deposit of melanin in the top layer of the gums.  Discoloration is very normal, it is not an indication of any underlying health condition but can be caused by some factors as ethnicity, tobacco chewing, poor dental hygiene or even long-term use of medication. Fortunately, we can reverse this process without much difficulty!

Laser Gum “bleaching” became a popular cosmetic procedure among patients that wanted to improve and compliment their smiles. 

The Laser Gum Depigmentation procedure is a proven technique to treat dark gum tissue or just some discolored spots. There are no chemicals involved in performing gingival depigmentation, the hand of a skilled Periodontist and the right technology is enough. Our Specialist Periodontist Dr. Olivier Carcuac  uses a Laser Technology. 

Once he has consulted and checked your gums and you decide to proceed, one session of 1 hour is usually enough and possible small adjustments can be required two weeks later, to achieve desired results! Some patients may need to schedule multiple appointments to achieve the exact look they are going for, but oftentimes results are permanent and do not require a follow-up procedure.

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