E-cig smoking on oral health


Despite rising E-cigarette use, only a limited number of studies have addressed the potential
toxicological effects of E-cig smoking on oral health.

Many people turn to E-cigarettes as a way to try stop smoking, because it is in trend or because
it is not yet banned in all public places, comparing to regular cigarettes that have restrictions of
usage in public areas.
If you are an E-cig (called Vaping too) smoker, read what it contains: a
mixture of artificial flavorings, aldehydes including formaldehyde (it is used to preserve
cadavers), heavy metals (nickel, chromium, copper coated with silver), nicotine.
Vaping is officially declared by medical professional to be harmful.

The impact of E-cig on oral and lung health:

– Decreases the ability to heal wounds. So if you had a recent dental implant placed, an
extraction done or you’ve been diagnosed with periodontal disease, E-cig is not beneficial for

– Harmful effects on periodontal ligaments (the strings that keep your tooth attached to the
gum) that results in tooth loss.

– Lungs damaging (popcorn lung) and DNA remodeling of the respiratory system.

– Dry mouth due to propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that results in decrease of saliva
flow and increase decay risk.

E-cigarette effect on your body

The E-cigarette effect on your body:

– Brain : nicotine releases “feel-good” chemicals in the brain , causing long lasting chemical changes and addiction.

– Heart: your heart rate and blood pressure go up, making your heart work harder to get blood and oxygen. That increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

– Immune system: vaping can suppress hundreds of key immune genes, harming your immune system more than smoking regular cigarettes.


  • Is Vaping safer that regular cigarette?

E-cigarette should not promoted as a safe alternative to smoking. It is a dangerous trend with real health risks

  • Will Vaping help me quit smoking?

E-cigarettes are not approved by FDA as a quit smoking aid. There are few studies that claim that it helped a small percentage of smoker to quit this habit.

  • Is second hand Vaping harmful to breath?

A small study by Wolfgang Schober of the Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority and colleagues published in the International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health in December found that vaping worsened indoor air quality, specifically by increasing the concentration of nicotine, particulate matter, PAHs and aluminum — compounds that have been linked to lung and cardiovascular disease and cancer among other health effects.

Whatever makes you smoke E-cigarette: because it’s cool, stress, dependency, some people think that it can help reduce body weight, take a moment to reflect…and ask yourself “Is it worth it?!

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