popcorn bad for your teeth

Does Popcorn Cause Tooth Damage?

Movie night with snacks ? This leaves us to question… Is popcorn bad for your teeth? The answer is regrettably, YES!


Popcorn has gone from snack food to superfood and has quickly become a go-to item for low-calorie snacking. The puffy kernels themselves are unprocessed whole grains, containing plenty of fiber, and even some antioxidants. A yummy healthy snack! The team at ConfiDent Dubai Palm is urging to watch out and be careful.

Countless number of people have cracked teeth from eating half-popped kernels, not to mention the sneaky husk that finds it way between teeth causing gum inflammation or often slides under the gum. Once they are there, it’s extremely hard to remove them at home, whether you use a toothbrush, floss, or a toothpick; they seem to stick like suction cups to the tooth surfaces.

If the aromatic snack is too hard to resist, don’t try to crush the popcorn if it’s too hard as it might end up with teeth fracture or chipping. Do not try excavate it yourself at home. A simple teeth cleaning visit to your Dentist would solve the issue :). Popcorn is one of those foods that create lactic acid in your mouth. This acid is bad for tooth enamel if left on the teeth without proper cleaning. Try rinsing with water always.

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