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Sealants are thin protective coating painted on the chewing surface of the molars and premolars to prevent tooth decay. If your child has deep pits and grooves on their back teeth, your pediatric dentist or dental hygienist may recommend sealing the teeth. Food and germs can get stuck in the groves that cannot be reached with the bristles of the toothbrush, with the time they cause cavities.

The plastic resin in sealants is placed into the depressions of the chewing surfaces and cured to the enamel. It is an easy and painless procedure with following steps:

  • Plaque and debris removal with a pumice material
  • Drying the teeth surface ( saliva free)
  • Using an etch agent
  • Sealant application and curing
  • Evaluation and occlusion check
dental decay
dental decay

It is proven by lots of data base all over the world that dental sealants not only prevent dental decay but also early gum diseases (gingivitis), periodontitis and destruction of teeth enamel .  

Even adults with deep grooves and pits can undergo sealant application if the dentist recommends it. Usually they last several years. Regular dental cleaning and check-ups are important, as your dentist or dental hygienist may decide on a reapplication of the sealants.


Dr. Irina Bratu

General Dentist

Dr Irina qualified as a Dentist in Republic of Moldova at State University of Medicine “Nicolae Testemitanu”.She completed her extensive three years postgraduate program on Dental Therapy & one year advanced educational program on Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation at New York University College of Dentistry (USA). She is a member of Emirates Medical Association EMA, has a passion for the prevention of oral disease, and works to promote a healthy lifestyle for all of her patients.

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