Dental Implant Treatment Without Scalpel


Conventional dental implant treatment involves the scalpel usage. Cutting the gum extensively ( flap technique)  in order to expose the bone platform in the first stage and the implant platform in the second stage ( 2 months later in order to take the impression )   is a common procedure in dentistry and proven to be effective along the years. Nowadays, in specific cases, the implant treatment can be simplified by avoiding any scalpel .

This can be achieved by a detailed clinical and radiological assessment. The CBCT (Cone Beam CT) scan is a crucial instrument, it shows the underlying bone topography (width and length), mandibular nerve location and a prior virtual implant placement can be performed.

Requirements for a scalpel free technique:

  • Sufficient bone height and width
  • Healthy gums in the requested area
  • Non periodontal disease involvement

Specialist knowledge in this specific dental field and of the  implant system

Virtual implant placement on CBCT scan 

Just using a tissue punch technique in the toothless area can save lots of post-surgery complications and stiches application. Soft tissue punch technique is used to remove atraumatic minimal soft tissue in order to expose the bone surface. The dental implant is placed through the tiny access in the gum. A healing cap is screwed onto the implant surface in order to keep the gum open until the artificial porcelain/zirconia screw retained crown is loaded.

A bloodless and swelling free procedures requires a careful planning, skilled specialist and a good oral hygiene after the implant treatment is done. Having a dental implant in the oral cavity does not mean that dental issue is solved forever. Regular dental check-ups (every 6 months) and periapical x-rays should be performed in order to follow-up the bone – implant platform relation.


Dr. Irina Bratu

General Dentist

Dr Irina qualified as a Dentist in Republic of Moldova at State University of Medicine “Nicolae Testemitanu”.She completed her extensive three years postgraduate program on Dental Therapy & one year advanced educational program on Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation at New York University College of Dentistry (USA). She is a member of Emirates Medical Association EMA, has a passion for the prevention of oral disease, and works to promote a healthy lifestyle for all of her patients.

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